At ISF we believe that every community’s greatest investment should be in its human resources. We promote this common good by facilitating and applying research which leads to innovative ideas through competition and motivation. As a catalyst we challenge young people, especially those gifted but not exposed to transformational outlets, to have a conduit for their insights.

The motto, “No insight without understanding” is aimed at encouraging and promoting unbiased research, application and sharing of the results thereof. The end is to create a community of inquirers whose work enables them to create opportunities for further insights that lead to further innovation and to higher view points, indeed to development.

Our Mission

The Science Foundation’s mission is to promote youth participation in pure and applied sciences activities, and to match-up their innovative ideas with universities, research institutes, industries, non-governmental and governmental bodies for further development and consequently for the improvement of the general standard of living.







ISF Programs

There are numerous ISF Programs that run throughout the year. For instance, there are Technology Transfer, Innovative Research, eLearning, A & B Learning Center, and ISF – TalkAfrica Radio.

TalkAfrica Online Radio

Talk Africa Radio Network (TARNET)

Talk Africa Radio Network (TARNET) is our latest addition to our community service. To be launched at our annual conference to take place at Boston College on December 3rd 2016.

Nature Conservation

Most communities today see the intricate connection between survival and environmental stewardship. The mission of the CRC is to empower communities to conserve the dwindling natural resources due to over-exploitation.

A & B Learning Center

The A & B Learning Center is a project based in Mpigi district, Central Uganda. It is setup to be a hub of learning for the entire community. This is our view of what a model community building tool should be.



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