About A & B Learning Center


The A & B Learning Center is a multipurpose training, educational and skills building center that was established in 2000 to improve the general literacy, and human capacity in Mpigi district. It is the only organization in Mawokota County which is primarily focused on general literacy and skills building.  In 2005, the Center joined forces with the Healthy Village Networks (HVN), Mpigi Women in Development Trust (MWODET) , and the US based Intercontinental Science Foundation Inc, (ISF) . Seeing this effort to pool resources, the district local government has supported us by heavily subsidizing our rent in a building that used to be a Community Center. We are immensely proud for having reclaimed this building for general use once again. In close cooperation with the local government, our coalition works to achieve the following objectives:


Provide children with a safe and supervised place to go during after school hours and non-school days.
Make it possible for the community to learn and share skills.
Help orient emphasis from short term survival to long tern planning and investment.
Improve local, national and international dialogue and cooperation.
Partner with the local government to improve literacy and to build individual as well as societal capacity.
Renew nationalism by promoting volunteerism, civic education and engagement.


  1.    Give patrons free access to the library resources and premises.
  2.    Recruiting local instructors/tutors in all fields of learning, and matching them with patrons’ educational.
  3.    Engage youth in positive leadership, character building and Career guidance activities.
  4.    Set up subsidized internet, fax and scanning services.
  5.    Expand our Skills Institute by teaching relevant courses namely:

– Fundamentals of project management to micro loans applicants.
– Computer skills (MS Word, Excel, MS Project etc…).
– Basic health care and hygiene; accounting, micro and mega economics.
– Market analysis, Fundraising, Proposal writing, evaluation and reports preparation.

Expected Outcomes

Increased access to literature and to the wider world in general.
Improved stewardship of resources; more long-term planning.
Education in illiteracy and ignorance; more civic engagement.
Good governance due to an informed population that will make politicians accountable to them.
To center to be a hub where workers learn new skills, and curious minds find satisfaction.
A place for youth to go for leadership development and community service experience.
Increased cooperation with district and local officials.


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