About Us

Tractor Division

The majority of the poor resource farmers in much of the developing world rely on family labor. In some cases children drop out of school to help their parents in crop field activities. Weeding and planting is a short window and failure to weed or plant on time significantly reduces crop yields. The end result is continued hunger in most families.Use of tractors can increase crop productivity by over 80 percent because farmers can plant at the right time fast. The CRC rents a tractor to farmers either as a group or as individuals. Group renting is be applicable to farmers who have less than two acres of land. Payment for the services is either in kind in form of crops harvests, or it can be by cash before, or after the harvest is in. For group renting, farmers sign a contract at field preparation agreeing that payments will be made after selling their produce.

Innovation Program
The Pre-graduate & Undergraduate Conferences and Workshops Program is a means to bring together young minds and their passion for learning and creativity. The activities culminate into the annual conference where a selected number of participants who have exhibited a high level of innovation and creativity in their thinking and activity present papers and receive the ISF Awards.
Through what are known as the ISF Challenges, young people are encouraged to submit proposals, projects and papers for consideration in the conferences. These conferences are sponsored by the Science Foundation to share creativity and disseminate information about innovative projects offered by young people. The acceptance of proposals, projects and papers are solely based on merit according to the recommendations of the review committee of accomplished doctors, professors, engineers, business executives and industrialists. On the other hand, the workshops are used for teaching methodological approaches to research in natural and applied sciences. It involves the provision of necessary equipments where necessary.
Most communities today see the intricate connection between survival and environmental stewardship. The mission of the CRC is to empower communities to conserve the dwindling natural resources due to over-exploitation

This is another special division that deals with the Faidherbia tree that has great potential in increasing crop yields to farmers who cannot afford to buy synthetic fertilizers. The center trains teams that help local communities to plant seed trees on one hectare plots. This tree program will provide seeds to the local community at a small fee. Farmers receive training on nursery management and propagation of the tree. The Center also trains farmers in production of compost which is used in nursery as a source of nutrients for the young seedlings.

Talk Africa Radio Network (TARNET)
TARNET is our latest addition to our community service. To be launched at our annual conference to take place at Boston College on December 3rd 2016, Talk Africa Radio Network will address all that pertains to Africa’s progress.
Africa is well known for its powers of story telling. This means the power of the word, the power of discourse is one way we can participate in the healing process that Africa badly needs and which has been scattered these past five decades.

Support for Scholarship and Learning
Under this program ISF Inc., provides and/or mediates opportunities for scholarships, grants and educational materials, such as books, computers and other scholarship materials. Scholarships are both a pull as well as a push factor for learning. This program is based on the proven phenomenon that most innovative and revolutionary spurts of creative ideas occur to young and growing minds. Grants and scholarships are sought for individuals with ideas that promise the most benefit to their communities.
The program encourages students to pursue their creativity and innovativeness to completion with, the least of hindrance. This drive is born out of the fact that many intelligent high school students are restrained from pursuing their innovative and creative ideas because of their inability to pass certain required standardized tests. For instance, in Nigeria, the standardized exams require that students must pass English and Mathematics to go to college. There are a million instances whereby students with rare gifts in biology, or in physics, chemistry and mathematics are dropped by the wayside for failure to pass English or French. The Pre-Undergraduate Program seeks out such children and promotes them.

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Policy Advisory
Drawing from its repertoire of academic resources ISF offers academic, policy and management advisory services at standard or reduced costs for non-profit organizations. This program involves offering well researched and informed academic, policy and management services to governments, non-governmental and academic institutions and organizations to promote science across the board. ISF is to offer consultation and advisory services to communities, educational institutions, NGO’s and CBO’s. One way of achieving this objective is by linking the youth across institutions and national borders. Through this ISF Inc. seeks to bring about technology transfer and appropriation. Through this process, The Science Foundation will in effect open a two way channel by means of which knowledge will pass to and from. Loyola College in Nigeria has already realized the fruits of this endeavor. Many companies, as well as universities and governmental organizations now have an “Office of Technology Transfer” dedicated to identifying research which has potential commercial interest and strategies for how to exploit it. The Science Foundation home office in the USA links national chapters through planning workshops, fairs and an annual conference. It is through these gatherings that ISF identifies and prioritizes engagements in technology transfer.