ISF Inc is a very vibrant organization with multiple programming, all founded on one theme, education. Whatever we do here in the USA, or elsewhere in the world, especially in Africa, is intended to further our mission, which is to empower our human resources through all media possible. That is why we have a competitions, essay writing competitions, conferences, seminars, training sessions, speeches, spelling bee for our children, sports and edutainment, the A & B Learning Center, which works closely with the We Learn Program. Our latest achievement, the Talk Africa Radio Network. You can visit our blogspot here, or listen to us here,

Most of our ongoing activity is highlighted in our online quarterly, The Connection. At the Connection, we centralize communication about what we are doing, where, and when. Visit the connection now to learn more about the Intercontinental Science Foundation’s efforts to promote the common good throughout the world. And also, while at it, we entreat you to purpose to partner with us, or to connect us to those who believe like we do; that the world and its people, is essentially a good gift to us humans and the entire natural world surrounding us and that it is not only imperative that we keep it that way, but even more becoming, we make it better.