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Good Governance Series

Inspired by the apparent turmoil happening all over the world; from Brexit in the United Kington, the resurgency of radical convervative forces in Europe, and the emergence of Mr. Trump to the helm of the most powerful country on earth; from the ouster of Omar Bashir in Sudan and of the governer in Puerto Rico, to the growing popularity of the slogan/movement People Power in Uganda and elsewhere, ISF’s Talk Africa Radio has settled on a series Entitled “Good Governance and Development“. These will be on our online radio and should extend until this vast topic is exhausted, if that it even possible! Go here to learn more.

Annual Conference at Boston College

On December 15th, in partnership with the Lonergan Institute, ISF once again brought together a great panel of bright minds in a forum that served as a platform that built upon the previous year’s theme – Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), Spirit, and African Culture“. The 2018 theme was “ICT and Good Governance: Networking and Communicating Beyond Social Media“, dedicated more time to ICT and Social Media because of the duo’s increasing impact on most human transactions, decisions and actions.

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