The Teachers’ Resource Center – Secondary, Mpigi Uganda

This Summer (2022), ISF Inc had a very fortunate encounter with the management of the Teachers’ Resource Center Secondary Schools, Mpigi. The topic on the table was a building that was lying unused partly thanks to the fallout from COVID-19, and partly from lack of funding from the ministry of education and sports. The result of this rare encounter was a partnership, sealed by a memorandum of understanding. ISF Inc and the TRC- Secondary Mpigi agreed to open the center whereby ISF Inc would help facilitate staffing as well as upgrading the equipment and in return, the people of the area would have access to the resources and services the place will be offering.

Among the things planned to be at the TRC are upgraded computers, more books and magazines, and free or heavily subsidized internet access.

Boston College

ISF is always looking out for partners and partnerships. Being a non profit organization, we rely heavily on volunteers. We, however, can work well with two other tiers of resources; those who we reimburse, and those we pay outright. So please, don’t feel you don’t belong here. We invite you to look at our programming and then let us know where your interest lies. We would indeed love to hear from you and what you can bring to our causes.

The Lonergan Institute at Boston College has been a strong supporter of our programming, especially the annual conference. We are grateful for this support and we look forward to even more collaboration with them.

ISF world is especially excited about our Talk Africa Radio. “I believe that we have better ideas… But I also believe that good ideas don’t matter if people don’t hear them”,  Pres. Barack Obama (Press Conference, Nov. 14, 2016)

Talk Africa radio is the latest initiative aimed at furthering the education of the people, whenever and wherever they are. Our moto is “We negotiate the truth”. First, we invite you to listen to us here: Then, motivated and dedicated TARNET team invites you to join us to:

  1. Talk as Africans, and friends of Africa, about Africa.
  2. To create an entity that will be educational, informational as well as entertaining.
  3. To rediscover the essence of what it means to be authentically african.
  4. To harness the knowledge gained to put in practice best practices.

Visit our blog here, to see how you can get involved.  Find more about us here.