We Learn Spelling Bee

We Learn Spelling Bee

On June 23rd, 2018, ISF Inc held the fourth Annual Spelling Bee event. This event is intended for children (our children) who do not get many chances to participate in mainstream educational events.

The We Learn Spelling bee was intended to initiate our children into competitive education with building confidence and intellectual aptitude as end targets.

We are thrilled that more parents are developing interest in this educational event, and are considering participating in future such events.
To improve and advance the skills associated with good spelling, writing and reading habits.
1. To enhance student development of poise and communication under pressure.
2. To expand student vocabulary and encourage accurate word usage and pronunciation.
3. To provide an opportunity for students to meet and encourage each other.

We always ask our parents to chip in whatever they can. That means we rely more on donor generosity; donors like you. Click here to donate to ISF We Learn Spelling Bee.

Eligibility of Contestants
This competition is designed for students in grades 1 – 8 but bring even younger achievers for they too shall be accommodated in a special way. Students must compete on the grade level in which they are enrolled in school.

Resources: Word Lists
Click here to access the Word Lists
All participants will receive a participation certificate.
A trophy will be awarded to the participant who places first.
Scholarships shall be awarded to those who place second and third.

1. Youth in Action
2. Skills, Training & Community Empowerment
3. Tutoring: Math, Reading and Writing

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