Talk Africa Radio

Talk Africa Radio


At ISF we believe that every community’s greatest investment should be in its human resources. We promote this common good by facilitating and applying research that leads to innovative original ideas through activities that publicize insightful competition and motivation. As a catalyst we challenge all people, especially those gifted but not exposed to transformational outlets, to have a conduit for their insights.  Our latest addition to our programs is Talk Africa RadioTARNET radio, which went online 20th August 2016, was inaugurated in our 2016 annual conference, and is already educating, informing and entertaining our visitors. 

The motto, “No insight without understanding” is aimed at encouraging and promoting action oriented, unbiased discourse, application and sharing of the results thereof. The end is to create a community of active critical inquirers whose work enables them to create opportunities for further insights that lead to innovation and to higher view points,indeed to development

Our Mission

The Science Foundation’s mission is to promote youth participation in pure and applied sciences activities, and to match-up their innovative ideas with universities, research institutes, industries, non-governmental and governmental bodies for further development and consequently for the improvement of the general standard of living. In the USA, our mother chapter realizes our mission through the Bridging-The-Gap Program which overseas the We Learn Project, and the ISF, Inc Annual Conference which brings together all our partners, sponsors and participants.


We are a 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Organization founded by alumni of various universities in the USA and Africa.

All donations to ISF, Inc are 100% tax deductible.

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